Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i wanna take you to a gay bar gay bar gay bar

on friday night i made vicki scoff her dinner down and drive me to the city via the bottle-o so i could buy alcohol. as the sms said, 'no tea, alcohol'. i think i made my wishes pretty clear.

miki and baz dropped me at the duke of york for a night of dancey dancey, but when i got there, even tho it was quite late, there werent many people there and no one was dancing. that was disappointing. i really felt like dancing, and dammit! no one was dancing!

so instead, i went to a gay bar and watched gay cowboys shake their sexy bums

and got caught staring at the gay cowboys eating pudding dancing

AND i got to experience the wonderful cleo cosmopolitan in action. fuck shes hot. and she touched my boobs. and i touched hers. very squishy. i dont know what she makes them out of but they're very nice. it was hard not to look at them since in nher towering heels they were at eye level with me.
a bi boy called me darling and kissed my cheek. it was all very surreal. ive not really experienced 'gay adelaide' as such. there were quite a few people there who looked very familiar.

after cleo trounced about the stage in her sexy way, we decided to leave because the music was hideous and was making me angry. i checked my phone and a nice drunk boy had messaged me so we drove over to the worldsend and drank alcohol. i got asked for ID on my way in and i laughed and thanked her. she also wanted to check my bag and its funny cos i had three smirnoffs in there and she just let me go right in. woohoo! no paying $8 a bottle for me, thankyou very much.

so i introduced miki and baz to the elvin boy and they were impressed by his cuteness and his glasses and the fact that he says im sexy. hear that? im sexy.

there were a lot of interesting games going on that i didnt quite understand. something with a peg, a lot of shoe steeling, a lost bag? i dont know, but everything worked out in the end and we were on our way home by about 3, i think.
the thing i dont like about share houses is that you cant guarentee that there wil be tea bags that you can use. and that was the very thing i discovered when we got back to toms, no tea for me. he shall have to learn that tea is a very important part of my life. its up there with sleeping and reading. oooh, reading, im reading fingersmith at the moment. its really good. it was on the abc a little while ago, im hoping i can get in on dvd. ha! dvd. we finished watching we can be heroes last night. bloody brilliant.


i slept the whole night in his arms

saturday was fun. lots of lazing around and kissing. lovely. we went to the brickworks, walked to the city and caught the train back to my place.
i'd like to tell you what we did, but id rather wait for the photos. and its not rude, you disgusting people. minds out of the gutter,thankyou.

i went to my first coctail party. i felt very sophisticated in an underdressed way, but i was soon drunk and dancing and having a lovely time. i also felt like a foreigner as most of the party was german

'are you two...?'
'together? yes'

cue me blushing like crazy and getting all shy and embarrassed.

i participated in getting a room of boys to stop and stare when a girl asked me to kiss her. it was apparently a very popular part of the evening.

and quite a few people who were there have visited this site, shout out if you were there, and send me any photos you may have.


last night marked the rerunning of the last episode of last seasons queer as folk in preperation for next weeks return to fanfuckingtastic monday night viewing.
there will be homemade icecream cake, cheese, and snickers and mars toastie toasties.

you are all invited

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