Wednesday, September 28, 2005

a letter to someone in particular, but please, all can read it

dear truth fairy,

here i am, fighting my own battles like you asked. i dont know who you are...i can see that you're in adelaide and have visited my blog quite a lot, but apart from that, you are a mystery to me. and by the sounds of it, a very thin, svelte mystery. probably muscular and toned too, and you've never sat in your lounge room, watching tv with your friends and eating cake.

and you know what? i feel kind of sorry for you because of that. im sorry that you dont have the kind of friends who can forget about weight issues and the pressure to be thin all the time. im sorry that you cant lower yourself to my level and sit on the floor instead of at the table with a proper knife and fork and placemats. im sure you have some sort of butler who sets the dining room for you? your friends sit at the other end of the table and you make polite conversation about the weather? then you run off to the bathroom and vomit out all your food i suppose, so you can stay thin and beautiful.

no, this isnt a private website where you cant comment. i encourage comments, and i welcome them. what i dont encourage or welcome is people calling me fat. im not fat. im not a sickly size 6, nor am i even a size 10. what i am is the average size for a girl. size 12 to 14. hello world, i am admiting to you what size clothes i wear. i wear clothes marked 'large' because of people like you, truth fairy, who insist that people be boney and twig like.

im sorry that you saw my post and decided we gorged ourselves. im sorry it repulsed you. i had 2 toasted sandwhiches and a slice of cake. what did you have for tea on monday night? a small side salad? i actually ate some special k cereal for breakfast the next day. then i had some nice soup for lunch and chicken for tea. inbetween i drank lots of water and i even ate an apple. the cereal i ate standing up because i was getting ready to go out that morning, but everything else i ate at the table. please feel better about me now? am i as good a person as you? please let it be so.

oh, and thanks for helping me. i do feel so much better after whining about you and how you make me feel, and i hope, in some special way, that makes you feel better too because thats what this world is all about, isnt it? helping people, making them feel better, bettering the world and making it a happier place to live. hopefully without any fat people eating on the floor.

just as you choose to stay anonomous, uncontactable and without a website link for us to read and see what you're really like, i choose to be me.

my name is carly. i have this blog where i write what i feel and what i've been doing lately. on monday night i ate my dinner on the floor and had a great time.
i am a size 12-14 and dont complain about my weight. sure i have 'fat'days, but im healthy and thats the main thing. what i choose to put on this site is what you know me by and i really hope that the majority see me as more than fat.

truth fairy, all i have to go on are your comments. so, so far i can tell that you arent willing to show us what you look like, what your opinions are about anything except eating on the floor. you have something against people size 12 and over. and you like to wank.

wanking i have no problem with. its an enjoyable passtime, and it tones the tummy muscles. im sure yours are rock hard. its the rest of it i have a problem with, and i have every right to.

as i said before, there is nothing here saying dont comment, but now there is this

i dont appreciate you calling me fat. i dont appreciate calling my friends fat. until you are willing to discuss this on fair grounds, ie with me having the same background knowledge about you as you have on me, then i would appreciate it if you stayed away from my blog.

thankyou for your time

love carly

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