Thursday, May 04, 2006

the state of ten

its been about 3 years since i watched neighbours on a semi regular basis, but since this year's big brother has so many crazys that i MUST watch it, i find myself glued to neighbours and lo and behold my insanity metre zooms off the charts.
i could never even pretend to be as ineighboured* with neighbours as bevis is, and i will definately probably get some vital information wrong, but this is the way i see it.


please explain?

gee, lets see. just looking at the episode synopsis for tuesday on the neighbours website

Frightened of his growing feelings, Robert decides that Katya must be removed.

ok, there are a few mistakes i see in that sentence. the use of the word 'removed' as if she is a tree that has roots growing into your drains, or perhaps a spare limb that you decide you dont really need. removed does not mean 'push her from a cliff in the surrounding bushland of giant loony bin town'.
also the use of robert, where clearly that psycho boys name is cameron.
also the use of katya, where clearly she is a puppet with no facial movement.

on monday or tuesday night, i cant remember now, robert cameron turned down katya when she tied to persuade him upstairs by kissing him stupidly. and when i say stupidly, i probably am being a tad mean. she obviously cant move her facial muscles, and therefore cannot open her mouth all too much. anyway, so he made her go home, then went and visited his coma brother (who is his twin) and said 'cant fall in love when you're trying to blow up a plane' or something like that.

blow up a plane


wasnt there a plane crash last year? boring

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