Monday, May 29, 2006

fud bal

its 2006 world cup crazy over at the pop and as part of the draw, i am now the proud owner of...

dum dum da daaaa

serbia montenegro!

and just to prove how on their team i really am, i had to cut and paste their name because i couldnt remember what it was let alone how to spell it.

ahh, serbia montenegro, i remember you well. incidentally, please look at the photo that came up when i googled for this subject. fantastic.

insert cut and pasted history here: Serbia and Montenegro is the name of the political union of Serbia and Montenegro; formerly known as Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,two former Yugoslav republics. It is located on the west-central Balkan Peninsula and in the southern Pannonian plain, bordering Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia on the western sides, Hungary to the north, Romania and Bulgaria to the east, the Republic of Macedonia to the south and Albania to the south-west with just over 200 kilometres (125 mi) of access to the Adriatic.

it has a boring flag, but a rather spiffy coat of arms
it also has some weird ass money going on

but we arent here to find out about history, no! or money? no! we're here to talk soccer, or football as we in the know say

...yeah, i looked at the fifa site but i couldnt work out which team i was actually going for. here is a list of the boys in the team. they have suitably funny names like dragoslav, igor, ognjen, goran, GORAN! detective goran is playing on the serbia mone moneten montenegro soccer team! hmm, strange...i cant seem to find any photos of him playing football. although i did find this one. yes, very nice...


what? soccer? oh yeah,, right.

so heres a photo of some boys who play soccer. apparently they scored a goal, go boys!

looks like number 9 thought he might get bored so he brought along a magazine. clever lad.

number 8's a bit of a show off there with his red boots. i suppose they make him run faster though, huh.

so there we have is. s/m is my pick from the pophat for this years fifa world cup.

do me proud, boys, do me proud

ps. serbia's eurovision entry looks pretty nice. boy band!...with bongos...and a cello....uhuh. my speakers decided not to work so i cant actually hear them, but listening and watching is practically the same thing, right?

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