Wednesday, May 17, 2006

blood pressure a-go-go

i'll just throw some numbers around here


see that? average blood pressure. yep. so, if you're around that, then good for you! your blood is flowing around fanfuckingtastically.


see that one? that one up there? mine. i own that one. that was my highest blood pressure of the week, with a resting pulse rate of 104! i win! i got the highest score! where's my prize???

ooooh, my prize is headaches, dizziness, confusion, lack of concentration and hot/cold spells.

i think i'd rather be average this time.

and it seems that my doctor just cant work it out. the lady at the chemist practically demanded that i go to the docs today instead of back to work, and so did the sister when i rang the doctors. so i get there and my doctor pokes around a bit, shines a bright light in my eyes for freaking ages, then tells me to take ibuprofen for my headache and see what happens with my blood pressure

so here i am...seeing what happens

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