Thursday, May 25, 2006


im thinking its a conspiracy. not totally aimed at me, because i am not that far gone mentally that i think everything is about me ("those computers, they see me coming! they know i'm going to put my card in and they block me from using your system!"), but a conspiracy nonetheless.

since moving into this place i have been the happy winner of 4 speeding fines. 4. two of them were a week apart. all of them were for driving at 62kms in a 50 zone.

first of all, dont get me started on 50kms. fucking 50kms.

my main point is, how is it possible for every single one of my speeding fines to be the exact same speed? coincidence? i know there is a scale where the fines go up and the demerit points are taken away after a certain amount, and you know what im thinking? im thinking that doing 61 in a 50 isnt as expensive, and doesnt make you lose demerit points.

so, my question to you, people of adelaide, is how fast were you going when you got your speeding fine? i'd be interested to find out how many people were doing 62 in a 50.

my poppa, who is all knowledgable as he listens to talk back radio in the early hours of the morning, said that there was a chance that a 50km speed limit is actually illegal, and therefore there was a chance that people who were fined for doing over 50 could get their money back.

if that is the case, i'll be waiting for my money with open arms, holiday, here i come

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