Thursday, May 18, 2006

a sad day

as soon as i heard him say it, i knew what had happened. 'x...dont....i'll call you back'. and x face just made it all the more certain. he had died.

there were a few tears, mainly from x, but mostly just angry comments from e, 'i dont want him dead i want him alived'

but the worst part was that night as i was putting them to bed, thats when the tears really started. there was sobbing, there was heart breaking sobbing, painful tearing at quilt covers and kicking the air, biting down on the bed clothes to make the pain go away. 'i dont want him dead!'

there was nothing i could do. i hugged them, i stroked their hair, i made the shushing noises that a mum does but none of it made it any easier, any better.

citizen snips was a great yabbie and he will be sorely missed.

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