Friday, May 05, 2006

the 'p' word

what is it? can you guess?
is it penis?


it is poo

you might think that since i am parenting two school aged boys, that i wouldnt have to deal with poo all that much anymore, but that is where you would be wrong.

eli is currently sitting on the toilet, after walking up to me...well, there really isnt any other way to say he had a poo in his pants. this wasnt all that far from the truth. he's 'doing pop offs and the poo comes out in my jocks' and its gross, yeah, but im the mum, so i say, 'ok, off with your pants, you sit there and i'll go rinse off your jocks'. this is how i know i am really a mum. like the time i was changing xanders nappy when he was teeny tiny, and as i was wiping him, he pood right into my hand (on top of the wipe) and i just left my hand there and waited for him to finish.
mums are pretty amazing things. my mum will be in alice springs for mothers day next weekend, but i've made her something already, something i'll be doing with my storytime kids on wednesday. i'll scan it next week so you can see. i think she'll love it. i know she will, because i made it for her and she's my mum

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