Monday, December 26, 2005


after sending my kids off to the other sides christmas do, i went back to bed and have just awoken. you know, thats one thing about depression, you can get al the sleep you want and more! then of course there are all those times when you're so tired but your eyes just wont stay closed even when you try and hold them there, but those sleeping times? rock!

speaking of rock


christmas morning started off pretty well. the boys came round and opened their presents and then we drove off with the rest of the relatives having to visit other relatives. first stop was my nannas house where i managed to sya perhaps three words to my dad, but still, i dont think i could have been considered rude. just a little untalkative. e was a little sooky too to begin with so i spent a lot of time just holding and talking to him

then to personwhosnamemustnevrbemention's parents house where x swam until he turned blue under the supervision of a surf life saver, and to my aunties house where my mother, aunties and almost sister in law were drunk and my uncle said 'massive cock'. my mum also went around cupping her hands around her flashing brooch and inviting people to her disco

i love christmas


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