Monday, December 19, 2005

the end

so, kirsty and i are gearing up for the season finale of queer as folk tonight.
a couple of weeks ago, disgusted as i was with the calibre of writing in the show, i had a look online to see what was going on, and what others opinions were. apparently kirsty and i are quite alone in our beliefs that season 5 is the.worst.season.ever. all i could find was 'wow! what a fab episode! i love justin and brian! they are so hot!' etc. so i've resisted the urge to look around and see what happens tonight. i'd prefer to have the slow pain hit me over the hour.

how the hell are they going to finish the show in an hour? how? please tell me how?

are brian and justin are gonna get married? will justin fly off to new york instead? will the lesbians finally stop whining? will someone slap some sense into michael so he gets that frowny worry face off and actually starts to enjoy himself? will ben get aids and die within the hour, leaving time for an emotional funeral and flashbacks of uncle vic? will hunter and cally get back together? teds only just met this new guy and he's already inviting him off for a birthday weekend which is going to ruin the birthday plans he has made with all of his old friends, its too early in the relationship to have anything major happen with this guy, whats going on? will karl finally get debbie to marry him? will footy guy propose to emmett just to round off the whole 'im gay and want to stand up for my own rights so im gonna get married to my same sex partner so ner and there isnt anything you can do about it because you cant treat us as second 'hell even third class citizens' (thankyou mel) anymore, we're real people with feelings too, you know, so watch me and all my friends get maried, you heteros!'

fuck. its all too much. in an hour? i just dont see how it can be done

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