Friday, December 16, 2005


this is my camera. its great. it takes good photos. but only when the people are standing still and im not getting that shaky hands icon up on the screen. and the reason? well, what i think the reason is, is that it takes too long to take the picture. and when the things you photograph most are two young boys and two kittens, you need the photo to be taken in a split second.

so, does anyone have any advice as to what camera i should get? i've been looking on ebay at nikon d50's, which are a step down from what dooce uses (see question 2 here). i dont need a d70, i can do just fine with a d50, but i dont really want to pay $1000.

any ideas? doesnt have to be an SLR, but it needs to be able to take a photo quickly

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