Friday, December 02, 2005

me: how was school?
xans: ok
me: (asking the question or i wont find out) did you get in trouble?
xans: yeah
me: what for?
xans: not finishing my art, we had to colour in
me: (trying to change the topic slightly) ah...what was your drawing of?
xans: we had to colour in a picture of baby jesus
me: uhuh....and do you know who baby jesus is?
xans: yeah, son of god
me: ok. and who's god?
xans: some guy who put the first man and the first lady on the world
me: uhuh. (about to go into how *some* people believe that, and others believe other things)
xans: except they didnt say anything about the big bang and the millions of tiny atoms, or evolution
me: i love you xans

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