Thursday, December 15, 2005

topless christmas present wrapping

its the only way

kirsty and tom came over last night to watch virgin suicides. josh hartnett, ha! looked like my cousin. anyway, kirsty and i swapped presents and tom and i got gold class tickets woohooo!! maybe we'll see narnia? dunno, maybe.

i gave kirsty a puzzle and a game. but not just any old game

take a look

butt out

we played it last night. kirsty won which only seemed fitting, since it was her present. you can see the puzzle in the background. its charlie and the chocolate factory. sexy johnny.

see my christmas tree? its so great. banjo has pulled it over 4 times now so its a little dishevelled, but it'll do the job for a couple more weeks.

school finishes tomorrow, and our OSHC has been cancelled for the holidays which is extremely crappy. xans will be able to go with marc, but its still crappy. he's going there tonight to say goodbye to all his oshc friends.

back to work on sunday. splah. i'll be working sunday, monday, wednesday, thursday friday this week which will be a bit of a shock after three weeks holidays. i am disapointed that my time off wasnt used for what it was intended, but it will happen in good time, i just need to be patient.

sorry for the disjointed all over the place post. im gonna go finish wrapping the presents.

hope you're all enjoying your chrismukah

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