Monday, December 05, 2005

stop it! it hurts

5 is a good number if you are singing childrens songs that require counting and the involvment of frogs/fish/little ducks/jellyfish sitting on a rock etc. its good for high 5ing someone. its good for taking a break, ie 'take 5 everyone'.

it seems that what it is not good for is the current and last series of queer as folk.

is anyone still watching it? are you all like me and kirsty, feeling like we owe it to ourselves to watch the entire series, just to see if it gets better?

season four was fucking great (and great fucking). you wanna know what happened tonight? brian proposed to justin, sold babylon and the loft and bought a country house with a swimming pool, tennis court and stables. all because he loves him. all because now he believes in the sanctity of marriage and blah blah blah i liked you better when you were just fucking.

yes, i admit, i actually left the ground last week when he told him he loved him. we'd been waiting 4 and 3/4 seasons. it wasnt as beautiful as i had hoped but it was nice and it did make justin smile. but that doesnt mean you have to go all hetro and denounce your badboy ways, does it?

and as for the rest of you. fuck. i mean, emmett is in shock and camps on the couch having a big sook, but by the end of it he's at the candle light vigil, punching gah haters, and then going jogging the next morning. hunter has moved back home after being dopey at disneyworld. lindsay and melanie have gotten back together. yeah, some minor character friend of theirs died in the bomb blast, but honestly, can anyone remember which one dusty was?
its like the writers are tying up all the loose ends into one big happy bow and its not even a gay happy bow. its just an hour full of bad BAD lines.

apparently there are 2 episodes left, and something called 'queer as folk say goodbye'. im quite sure that little package is just going to get wrapped up neater and neater. lets just hope they use a lot of gay ribbons

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