Wednesday, December 07, 2005


why am i here? why am i blogging when im smack bang in the middle of my 3 week busy? if you really want to know, you can email me. im not to talk of it on this here blog.

instead, i'll give you some lists of christmas presents you may like to get for me

(did she just blatantly ask for presents?)

yes i did


*anything homemade. i particularly appreciate hand/homemade gifts. makes it a lil more special
*this also includes mixed cds which i adore
*apparently im hard to buy for even though i am quite vocal in the things that i like, so a gift card is perfect. shops like angus and robertson, target, kmart. even online stores like amazon and candlerecords
*i particularly like avon stuff. i dont usually buy perfume, but the last avon catalogue i got had a 'rub your wrist here' for passion dance and it was really nice. oh, what i really like though is dream angels heavenly by victorias secret
*a housecleaner. aaahahahahaha, that would be great. oh, i can dream
*time. if any ofyou would like to go out and just spend time together, i would love it. friends are great and really important. and it doesnt matter what you do together, just that you're doing it
*donations to 'keep the dream alive!' apparently im flying overseas next year. im puzzled as to how im going to afford it, but again, i can dream
*any cds by the postal service, belle and sebastian, death cab for cutie
*oooh this!
i dont hate christmas as much as kirsty does, because i absolutely love getting presents, and i love giving presents, even though im sometimes pretty slow on the whole postage thing.
it bothers me that x has to sing christmas carols at school and learn about god and mary and joseph. but i saw an interesting thing on speaking in tongues on monday night, where john said that if we try and ban them speaking and teaching about god and christianity in schols, then we'd have to stop them teaching any kind of spritual beliefs like the aboriginal dreamtime. that said, if they are going to teach them they should broaden their views a little and try to incorporate a few more belief systems.

anyway, im off to watch gay strippers tonight. kirsty reckons tom will get pulled out of the crowd cos he's so cute.

im very hopeful

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