Monday, April 18, 2005

yeah i said i was gonnna shut up for a little while but i was probalay lying cos imn ytalkiing ere now and i'vbe done lots of writing and posting lesewhere. when i was in year 10 me and karlie would write elzewhere cos we liked chris elze. girls are stupid. boys are stupid too tho cos they dont think or maybe they think too much but if you kissed someone and then said you weer maybe hgoung to sydney and so then the girl you kissed sayus can i see you befoer you leabe and you sday yews and then its all of a sudden three months later and you havent returnde ANY sms's to that girl....well, you'd be mean and not nice and then you have the nerve to say 'i didnt have an credit' for 3 fucking months?? move to sydney cos the tafe course is cheaperr and then live off of no money cos you're too poor to survive there. stupid. dont you love how i used proper apostrophes and stuff in you're.? kent? you saw that hey? im clever at some stuff

and very very silly at other stuff

and boys who say you're (again kent) speciual and intrersting and intriguing and sexy and cute and then say they love their girlfriends which is fine! love her, thats jkust great. not fair on me but whatever
doesnt matter

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