Friday, April 08, 2005


i finally got my film developed from when i went away. seeing it all made me want to hop a plane and leave again. maybe sydney this time? dont know anyone there but that could be part ofthe adventure, right?

st kilda fest

here's a pic of the st kilda festival. that amount of people you can see is about a millionzillionth of the total number of people there. massive.
and you can see hans and krystal who took care of me while theresa worked and was getting to know a boy who we later found out was a bit possesive and should have left us (her) alone.


next pics!

local sights

here we have some of the sights around theresa house. the skipping girl sign, that i know you cant see very well, but i only had a crappy disposable camera, is across the road from ikea!!!! i want to go there again.
the termy was where i drank a beer! at a bar! and got told i looked like a lolly by a drunk boy.
then there's beautiful theresa. everyone look at her and say 'aaaaw'. now hush cos you're all sposed to love me.

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