Wednesday, April 06, 2005

nothing worse

one day my mum went outside to check the letter box and came back in really angry. she was tearing up a piece of paper, saying 'there's nothing worse!'
mum had gotten a chain letter. you know, send this to so many people and good luck will come to you. i must have been quite small in this memory but old enough to think of things in terms of how they would benefit me, because i remember thinking something along the lines of 'if there's nothing worse than a chain letter, all i have to do is never write one and everything else i do wrong will be ok'. but then of course the evil little devil side of me wanted to try out a chain letter and see if it worked. i never did it though, and i'm glad. i get a lot of emails that are chain emails. send this to 5 people in 5 five minutes and you will have an ok day tomorrow, send it to 10 people and you're day will be good, 15 people and it'll be great, send it to 100 and you'll get a marriage proposal, plus there'll be a cure for cancer. this is all very well and good. lies, but whatever. it plays on the weaknesses of people who arent feeling good about themselves and are willing to put their hopes in anything to get better again.

the worst part about these letters, the part that i hate the most is the BUT. there's always a catch. if you dont send it on you'll get bad luck. you'll lose that winning lottery ticket, the boy you like will ask your best friend to marry him. you'll get fat, be run over by a bus, but not die because the bus wont be able to get its wheels over you and you'll be stuck. so not only will this be painful, but embarrassing too because they'll have to get a crane lift up the bus, and then to get you up into the ambulance

so yeah, dont send me any chain letters

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