Wednesday, April 13, 2005

really not a catch up post

i dont think i've ever sent so many emails.

(if after you'ver read that you start whining cos there arent any emails from me in your inbox, just suck it up and get over it. *end rant*)

making new friends is always nice. you might remember reading about lovely simon who rubbed up against me at the lucksmiths gig*. he's turned out to be a really good friend and i'm very glad we met.

i think you should all go out and buy the paper tiger ep and listen to it and love it because its rad and pretty.

i know i havent written much lately, and it's not even that ive been busy. i just havent really had many words for here. i've been song writing a lot. and talking in my head. i'll get it all donw for you one day.

i found out today that my job is supposed to be ending tomorrow. fortunatley helen renegotiated my contract and i can stay until the beginning of june. it's better than nothing i guess, but i'd like to stay longer. there's a job going at the hub library that i applied for. less hours and futher away, and i'd have to work sundays but thee arent exactly jobs falling from the sky around here so i'll be happy with it if i get it. that one only lasts until november, so whatever happens i'll be out of a job by the end of the year.
i guess a good thing about that will be i wont have to take time off for the trial. speaking about that, i got lost in the city today. i was supposed to meet nina from the dpp at the court today for a tour. i found the magistrates court. when i parked the car i sat there for a second and couldnt remember driving there. always a good sign.
i hung around for about 10 minutes looking for a 'short woman dressed in black' and couldnt find one so i went inside. not in there either so i ask around and apparently there are 2 courts, the magistrates court and the supreme court. so i cross teh road to the supreme court and she's not in there either. i do find a helpful security guard though who tells me i should probably be in the sir samuel way building which is across theroad the other way. by this time its half past 3, half and hour late for my appointment. i sit around there for 15 minutes and then leave. apart from the buildings themselves the whole thing was a pretty crappy experience. i looked around myself and saw where the people waited before they were called in to the trial. all sitting together, how nice. i wonder if they'll let me stick a screen infront of him out there? and i had to listen to people discussing jail
'many blokes in there?'
'yeah, its fucking packed man. saw macka, but'
and it was hot and sunny out the front of the magistrates court and the newspaper i had was boring and it all made me very grumpy and i'm pretty sure i would have looked a little like this

sad girl

ready for bed, i think

then we went to open night at xander's school. he's doing really well. he just needs to listen.

now i'm home, the kids are in bed, matts and band practice and im about to go to bed and read. such is the boring life i lead.

good night


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