Saturday, January 03, 2004

oh yeah

i am currently eating nestle choc bits from the packet with a spoon. they went all melty and if i put them in the fridge they'll set together into one big lump so they'll be useless anyway.

that wasnt what i came back to blog about.

matt is reading the lord of the rings. its a pretty amazing feat for him since this time last year he was....i dont want to say struggling..making his way slowly throught the kids book 'the wonderful flight to the mushroom planet. but as of right now he has 40 pages left and i am very proud of him.

we went and saw return of the king the other night...boxing day, it was, the first day it was out here. we rang up that morning and couldnt get tickets until 10 o'clock that night. even with marc and josh getting there at 8, we still ended up with a crappy seat. but it was worth it

fucking awesome

that still only counts as one - gimli

mat and i got there at about 20 to 10. we were sposed to be there at 9 but we obvioulsy had more important things to watching world idol.
it was so funny. honestly, i could have sung better than a couple of them.
well done to that freaky guy for winning, he's got a really good voice. by far the best moment(s) were seeing kelly clarksons reactions each time she didnt get full points..aaaahhh, sweet. you could see it in her eyes, her little brain thinking 'but im american????'

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