Wednesday, January 21, 2004

australia day

it's australia day on the 26th of january. owing to my complete memory loss of everything i ever learned in school, im not totally sure what its about. maybe it's the day james cook got here and killed all the aboriginals, i dunno.

generally there are barbeques, and usually, triple j plays the hottest 100. i used to work, but now i just sit around in my house and do the same thing as i do every other day.

not this australia day

nope, nosiree, this australia day i am hoping to be at the queens arms for the queer as folk launch party. wooohooo, season 3 off with a bang at a gay pub, i cant wait.

so, everyone come along and watch queer as folk with all the other queer as folkers, and hey. i'll be there, so what other reason do you need?

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