Sunday, January 25, 2004

dear secret boy who tags my board

i have absolutely no idea who you are. i've tried thinking about who chris used to hang out with, and i cant really remember that many people. michael, travis, jake, russell....and then there were the boys who were younger, matt, simon, aaron...

the question was posed to me yesterday that i hadnt actually thought about until then:

who did i want you to be?

i had to think about that. if i look over that list....well, let me tell you something about each of those boys.

michael : i kissed him in year 12 at a cast party, and fell asleep holding his hand a couple of years later at another cast party
travis : i kissed travis on the cheek at a birthday party, while playing spin the bottle
jake : i went out with jake in year 10, and swooned over him in the following years
matt and aaron : one time, at a party at jakes, (i stuck a flute up my pussy...mmm, willow....) i was sitting on the lounge between aaron and matt, underneath a blanket. at exactly the same time, both boys reached over to hold my hand.
simon : meh, nothing about simon except that he lived next door to me for a while, i never liked him like that anyway.

so there you have it.

there were other boys i liked throughout school. at the back of one of my diaries i have a few pages with rows and rows of boys names, all of which i thought were cute at one time or another. i wonder if you were on that list?

so, considering you arent gonna introduce yourself in a 'hi, my name is...' kind of fashion, i would like to invite you to play a game with me

wont you play with me?

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