Wednesday, January 14, 2004

my brother

there are 3 years betwen my brother and i. he's 22, and im 25. it wasnt until i was 20, and had moved out of home that we actually had civil conversations.

i hated brett. hated him with a passion that no one had ever felt. he was a shit, and he knew it. he knew that he shit people and he did it anyway. i remember him laying on the lounge, my other brother aaron, sitting on the floor. he'd move his leg slowly, s l o w ly, till his big stinky feet were a centimetre away from aarons head. aaron would sit aptiently, until he'd ask brett nicely to move his foot. then brett would say, 'but im not doing anything, im just laying here'.
'move your foot'
'im not hurting anyone!'
' move your foot'
'aaron shut up'
'move your foot'

at that point aaron must have said move your foot a little differently cos it was time for brett to kick him.

in the head


then, of course, it was time for big sister to jump in. at this point i still was the big sister, and had a little up on brett. i couldnt just raise my hand at him and he'd run away like i used to, but i could jump on his chest, landing on my knees and pull his hair.

and i did


but only when he hurt aaron. not saying i didnt enjoy it :)

but now we get along really well. he came over tonight, invited himself over with a phone call '6:30, bbq, me and kristin, your house, be there', took the dishes out to the kitchen when we'd finished, bathed the kids, and after he left he brought me back a cookies and cream icecream.

he's cool to have around

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