Friday, January 16, 2004

heeheee, look how stoked i am

ok, first up, i got harry potter and the goblet of fire last night, so i can get my fix.
cant wait to start that, gotta see what them kids are up to

secondly, THE BEARDED CLAMS ARE PLAYING TONIGHT!!!! or tomorrow night, i gotta find out. some places are saying friday, some saturday, so i gotta look into it, but, yay!

the bearded clams are a surf rock? band that come from moana, even souther than i am. i used to go see them play almost every weekend when i was 17/18 and they ruled. they havent played in a while, like, years, so its pretty exciting to say the least. velveteen habit were practising up at AGS the other night and the beardies were practising next door. matt said that they were playing songs from thier first album as well, so by the sounds of it, its gonna be a pretty fuckin rockin gig, woohooo

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