Saturday, January 31, 2004


when i was a handy man i fixed your shower so it wouldnt leak
when i was a time keeper i watched the clock so you wouldnt over sleep
now im not your girl no more and i dont know what to do
i've got no one to watch out for and i dont have you

remember when i made you coffee, you liked it for the first time in your life
you always borrowed all of my cds and my pocket knife
now i'm not your girl no more and you gave my cds back
dont know what to do with myself, i dont have you

when i was your girl you needed me all the time to show you how good you were
slowly you worked it all out for yourself and you didnt need me anymore
and now that she's your girl and she knows just what to do
she just smiles and kisses your cheek because she has you


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