Monday, February 04, 2008

today was annoying

i had to be down on south road to drop my car in for a service at 9am. because i am stupid, i didnt write down the name of the place i was going to. i just figured it would be the one up the road from where i bought my car. cos, when i bought my car, he said 'we have a service centre, just up the road'. and when i called them to ask how i go about getting my car serviced, they just said 'i'll give you the number of our service centre down the road'. so, i turn up at the service centre to find that its one for fords. i do not own a ford. but i went in anyway, since it was just down the road from where i bought my car. no, my car was not booked in there. but there is a service centre for my car right down the other end of south road.


he asks me how long they have my car for. shouldnt that be a question im asking you? i said as little time as possible since i have no where to go now. i walk outside...and i dont know what to do. so i went down the creek and read rip it up. then i walked over to subway and counted their salads. they have 10 salads, including beetroot which you have to pay for. you also have to pay for avocado, but that wasnt in the serving area. therefore, their ad on tv is a lie.

that shopping centre is totally boring. woolies, chemist and two bakeries. the sign said they had a $2 shop, but it was closed. so i sat on the bench inside and played animal crossing until my batteries ran out.

then i remembered cheap as chips! back out onto the road, i walked along, stopping at vinnies which had nothing of interest for me. except the josie and the pussycats soundtrack.... and then over the road to cheap as chips. i am now the proud owner of a ratchet screwdriver and bit set, and have no need to ask voldemort to borrow his tools

after 2 hours i was able to pick up my car again and go home. now i need a nap

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