Saturday, February 16, 2008

how to annoy me while driving

indicate at the last possible second before changing lanes
or dont indicate at all, and just change
dont look while you're thinking about changing lanes, and then, when you almost hit me with your stupid bought by mum and dad car, look at me like it was my fault for being there in the first place
drive at 30ks in a side street 50 zone, turn the same way as me, and then drive 40ks on a main street 50 zone. its 50. just do 50. and if you're going to do 30 or 40, dont drive so i cant pass you, because you're shitting me and i'd prefer it if you were driving somewhere else. thankyou

how to annoy me if you are driving in the same car as me

change my gears for me. especially since i have an automatic
improper use of windscreen wipers (tom, i am looking at you). once the window is dry, they are not necessary, and should be turned off.

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