Sunday, February 24, 2008

(photos are possibly wrong...or possibly not even there, as blogger seems to not be working. if you're super keen to look at them, they're on my flickr, if not, you can wait)(edit: pictures *should be working now)

st jeromes laneway festival

i should probably start with thursday, as that is when i started doing things this week. thursday, i worked, and then kirsty, adam, hayley, laura and i went to see fiona o'loughlin. rad. she came out on stage and the house lights were still on, so we waved and she waved back. awesome. i had written her a letter, incase just like last time, we were in the front row. unfortunately we were in the back row, so i didnt get to give it to her. if she happens to have googled herself, here is the letter

friday i worked, and then went home with this in mind - eat, shower, get dressed, go back into town for fringe and sonic youth

what i actually did was shower, be in lots of pain and go to bed. so, that pretty much sucked, but i did sleep for an awfully long time, so thats all good.
when i eventually woke up on saturday, it was with the realisation i had slept through an hour of automatic snoozes my phone alarm gives me. sleepy much? yes. but i got up, got ready and went into town for the laneway festival.

at this point id like to say that at the moment, the south road/anzac highway intersection sucks major arse.

anyway, got to laneway, spotted ben at no through road, and danced around

how are no through road not the biggest band in the entire world? i dont know

okerville river were next.

tres awesome and extremely polite. 'may i please have some more vocal in my foldback?' manners! lovely. he also wore suspenders.

darren hanlon was lovely as ever. this time he had three girls with him, playing tuba and violins. sounded great. also, spoons! commemorative spoons! i have a photo of my spoon, but its on my phone and i cant be bothered uploading. i'll get around to it one day

a lot of people were all 'broken social scene, oh my god!!!' and i even got looked at in a state of disbelief when i said i was going to watch dazz rather than stay for the apparent wonder that broken social scene was supposed to be. so i was expecting big things when i emerged from the goth cave.
what i heard was rather boring to be honest. i couldnt see what all the fuss was about. maybe im not looking at it academically, but seriously, fuck that. i like music. i dont want to *have* to think about it unless i want to. academic. pfft

it was about this time that ben and i decided we needed coffee, and not the burnt chili infested coffee that was being sold at the festival. although, by all accounts it was fine coffee. as i was lining up to buy water from the coffee man, the guy in front of me said 'i need another flat white, the first was just too damn good', so perhaps we should have given it a go. instead, we ventured down hindley street where we saw the singer from okerville river and i said 'look!' and ben said 'yes'. then dazz and a few other people were walking towards us and i managed to say a very eloquent and insightful 'i got a spoon!'. oh yes, i am all about impressing people with the power of my talent for words.

sarahs cafe was open, and i'd never been there, so we decided that'd be the place for coffee. after an awkward pause, we ordered our coffee and sat and talked about girls. and boys. and then walked back to the festival after another awkward moment, because it is entirely impossible for me to be cool.

it was quarter past six when we got back. clap your hands say yeah were supposed to be on as we walked in. instead it was a mixture of weezer and 'its tricky! its tricky tricky tricky tricky'. we went inside to watch little red and i loved them. awesome. happy days music. loved it.

by the way. i am so old. this wasnt even the big day out, the two stages were metres from each other, and i was trashed. a lot of the time i taped ben and said 'i have to sit'. soon i'll be carrying around a lap rug and telling you young people to keep it down.

the sun was going down as we were waiting for fiest, and she was great. everything you could want in a hot lady guitarist with an awesome voice

again, i was lame and old and had to sit. i got a potato. it was called miss piggy, but i didnt want ham, so im not sure what to call it
bumped into porscha in the toilets and shes making me a present for my birthday. how nice!

found ben, and went to stand up a bit higher behind the house with no doors for gotye. i really couldnt see much. here is my one lame photo of him

you cant touch this. bahahahaha

ben and i found bens drunk friend dylan and we walked to supermild with the intention of crossing the road after a little while for gosh. except i decided it was probably getting late and thought i should go home. and i looked at my phone, and it was 11:55

the end

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