Sunday, February 03, 2008

my dolls and kylies dolls

my dolls and kylies dolls, originally uploaded by faeriegirlcarly.

massive nerd

"i'm going to a blythe meet on sunday"
"oh my god. you're a massive nerd"
" least its not trains"

today was lovely. after a sleep in i drove into the city to meet a lovely bunch of people and their dollies. we didnt get a group shot, but i took lots of photos which are on my flickr.

next i met up with ben, had BISCOTTINI! gelati, went back to his place for water and talking, and then came home. tomorrow im getting my car serviced. i think this means i'll be stuck on south road with no where to go til my car is ready, so if you're in the neighbourhood, send me a message

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