Thursday, April 06, 2006

welcome to the 300 club

i wont be writing too much tonight. there are a lot of things going on inside myself that i need to sort out.
i'll just let you know that my effexor as been doubled to 300 milligrams a day, and i've been approved for xanax to take while i am in court. it also may be helpful when being in close proximity to a certain person who makes me hyperventilate/get a blood nose/vomit.
i've also been earmarked as having axis II borderline pathology, go me!

heres a quick run down for you :
BPD patients show a wide range of impulsive behaviors, particularly those that are self destructive. They are highly emotionally unstable, and develop wide mood swings in response to stressful events. BPD may be complicated by brief psychotic episodes. Interpersonal relationships in BPD are particularly unstable. Typically, borderline patients have serious problems with relationships .
somebody's little weasel says:
They become quickly involved with people, and quickly disappointed with them. They make great demands on other people, and easily become frightened of being abandoned by them. They have a longing for intimacy and, and at the same time, concern about dependency and rejection.

its so fun.

im freezing and i have a new book waiting, good night

sweet dreams

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