Tuesday, April 11, 2006

there's a house with a wall, with a wall, with a wall

i dont want to say that i never ask for anything, because that would be a tota, utter lie. i ask all the time. but most of the time, and the entire time i ask on her, i never expect anything in return. 'its my birthday! buy me these!' i say, but i would probably send the gift back with a lengthy note about how i was undeserving of such a gift from a stranger, if i ever recieved anything. so far i havent received anything like that, which is lucky because its very hard to find a piece of paper around here thats not already written on. you'd probably end up with a note written on the back of a centrelink envelope.

but im asking this time

my lease is up soon and i have to decide if i'll be staying. i want to stay. but i'd appreciate it if my landlord would perhaps, i dont know, actually do something about the condition the house is in. doing anything would be more than she's already done.
where do you come in? am i asking you to picket her house until she gives in and fixes the leaking toilet? pelt her with eggs until she buys new curtains to replace the ones that disintergrate in your hands?


i spoke to the property manager who looks after my house and told her of my predicament. she understands. she's fought with the owners for them to do something, but it never happens. so she advised me to write a letter detailing everything that needs to be done. and say that i would like to stay on, but i require these needs to be met before i can agree.

and then i gave her my idea

how about i buy it off of her?

so here is my problem. i have some money saved up. enough for a deposit, but not enough to get a loan to cover the house. so i'll be placing quite a few items on ebay over the next couple of weeks, and i encourage you to bid, please. if only to own a piece of genuine 'something once owned by littlefaeriegirl'

there will be a link soon.


alternatively, comeone out there could always get me this one or this one. either will do, im not fussy. and since i couldnt possibly re-wrap it and send it back, i'd send you a rather lengthy letter of thanks and appreciation (i'd even go buy some pretty paper) and invite you round for dinner

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