Saturday, April 29, 2006

90 cent champagne = bad idea

i've never drank (drunk? drink?) had champagne. i mean, ive had a sip if there was a toast being made, but thats all. im not a big alcohol drinker. it doesnt take me much to get drunk. thanks to last night, i can safely say, i am glad i dont drink champagne.

the gorgeous sandi (hereonin to be known as snadi)broke up with her boyfriend a while ago. but you know how it is. you both still love each other but one or both of you cant get past the reason you had to break up, so instead you just come round, watch tv and fuck sometimes. you know? anyway, she has decided, once and for all, to move on. she's getting her furniture out of the house, she's not caling him, she's moving on.

and because of that, we celebrated

and because it was snadi who needed the celebrations, she got to choose where we went

and it was because of that, that we ended up at church (the nightclub)


but it wasnt actually as bad as both kirsty and i thought it would be. apart from being hit with a wall of beats and cigarete smoke as we walked through the door, it was a pretty alright night. i should point out that it was 90's night, and that was the reason we were there. snadi is a self confessed music dork who is into pop and wont listen to 3d or triple j, so she had a great time and knew aaaaalllll the words.
if there are any of you out there, guy or girl, who feel the need to pash 15 people without consequence, i'll just let you know that friday night at church is the place to be. everyone was kissing and moving on to the next one. its a whole different world out there. i spent a lot of my night staring at people, watching them kiss and move on, kiss and move on.its insane, insane i tell you!

apart from a couple of 'ladies' who arrived later in the night, and a group of men (one of whom looked scarily like my uncle) who stood at the back of the room and picked up occasionally, me and snadi were the eldest ones there, by quite a few years. the biggest clue to this was when a guy asked to dance with snadi and she said 'i'm old enough to be your mother' he said 'nah, how old are you? im 22' and when she replied '31' he let go of her as if she was poison and ran away. she said that had it not been so absolutely hilarious, she would have felt hurt.
the continual, 'so, you're really 28???'*, the way that even though i was drunk on $1.80's worth of raspberry champagne, i didnt vomit it all over the bathroom floor in a bright pink mess, the way i wasnt pashing people left right and centre, all of these things hughlighted how much older i was that the majority of the crowd.

at this point i need to say hi to jason and matty, two sweet country boys who tried their hardest. jason is even planning on calling his baby girl 'carly', should he ever have a baby, and its a girl. ladies, if you're interested, if he has a boy it shall be called 'evan'.

it was alatea night for an old lady like me, and i have a slight headache to prove it. i think i should go back to sleep so i can be all sparkly and pretty for a mcdonalds birthday party tomorrow.

see you then

*a lot of times i had to think if i was indeed really 28. there were afew times when i didnt believe it myself

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