Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the weekend (plus a couple extra days) that was

happy birthday kirsty!

a week ago today, kirsty turned 20. to celebrate, we went to the plaster funhouse, got partybags, wore necklaces, and painted plaster objects of our choosing.

fun was indeed had

and as a marvellous segueway, last night, kirsty, tom and i went to jive to see josh pyke and bob evans. sadly for me, i judged someone by what i knew about them. laura imbruglia was the support and i judged her by the only thing i knew about her; her sister. i just need to interrupt here and point out that semi colon. fantastic. anyway, laura was rad. she writes a lot like darren hanlon, in the sense that she can joke and be serious and make a shit load of sense at the same time

The Dumber Touch

I’m aware you’re much more wiser, thank you Mr. Patroniser.
Hows about you shut your mouth?
Or fill it to the brim with candy, you know it makes life real dandy.
You’ve gotta loosen up somehow.

And you might just find you’ve been using your mind too much.
Maybe you should try the dumber touch.

The purpose of the plaster fun house is defeated when you paint a brown cow.
I dare you to paint Daisy blue.
And then we’ll use the glitter gloss, if it gets on you it’ll come out in the wash.
So don’t give me that attitude!

Stop using your intelligence as a crutch,
You know the fun in life is found in the dumber touch.
You won’t smile ‘til you utilise the dumber touch. Touch.
captain grumpy pants
i bought her cd at the end of the gig, but she was grumpypants and didnt smile or anything, just kinda grunted at me and handed back my change. grumpypants. her cd is good though. more rocky than her live stuff which was just her and an acoustic guitar which i enjoyed more, actually.

bob evans

bob evans(or here, you can hear the songs easier) aka kevin from jebediah, was really really good. i liked jebediah a lot when they first came out. and i especially liked their version of harpoon. then i got a tad annoyed with the whiney, you know. but bob evans is completely different. its acoustic guitar, and heart on your sleeve love pop songs that rock. and how cute is he? spun out. i never noticed before.

bob evans
he and josh did a couple of songs, but that was about when my camera started to crap itself* and all my pics turned out like this

stpuid fucking camera
it is entirely possible that quality of these photos are due to my inability to use my camera properly, coupled with my short attention span which makes reading that manual pretty impossible**

they seemed to get worse as we got pushed further away from the stage and i know it has to do with the fact that my camera was trying desperately to pop its flash up. i wouldnt let it for about 20 photos. then i gave in

josh pyke josh pykehe's a lovely boy, this josh fellow.
and it makes me sad that no one invited him to parties when he was younger. but i like it as well because i relate to it so much. i had a pool when i was in primary school, and i always seemed to get a lot of friends around the time of my birthday. they all disappeared afterwards, but i didnt mind in the slightest. the more people i invited, the more presents i got.
josh pyke and bob evans

jive is a great place to see bands, actually. its a really nice space. i like the fact that people can hang out upstairs as well, so there is more room for people to see, like two front rows. i also like the couches, not that we sat down.

and i like these

spaaaaace liiiiights

today mum gave me free tickets to the home expo so i took tom along. it was really crap. although i did get a really good massage from one of those massage chairs i always missed out on sitting on when i was pregnant. the man running that stall got grumpy pants with me cos i didnt ask if i could sit down. im sorry, was i supposed to ask to sit on your 4 and a half thousand dollar chair. sor-ry

then we went to buy jam donuts and there werent any. 'none left' stupid bitch lady said. i said 'thats unfortunate'. she grumped. tom said 'ok, just plain then' and she practically threw them on the bench. well fuck you too, thank you vary much.

on the way there my brother drove past us and stuck his finger at us, yelling. apparently he'd been yelling 'fuck you' the whole time we were waiting at the lights while he was behind us. i dunno bretto, perhaps if you'd called out 'carly' i may have heard you

*not literally. that would just be gross and impossible
**actually true, very very true

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