Tuesday, April 18, 2006



it doesnt matter how good the public transport system is in melbourne, and it is good, you will always do a shitload of walking.
on friday night we walked in the rain till we found an open pub and i had the most amazing chicken thing. mustard and mash, good stuff. i highly recommend it. the queensbury hotel. on our way home we bought alcohol from a deli. it was insane. reight there next to the chips and the milk and the hair ties, there are 6packs of beer, bizzarre. then we walked back to the hostel, up the stairs and drank and ate cheese. good times.

on saturday after walking around the markets, tom, kirsty and i walked half way to ikea, and then all around ikea, then saturday night we walked around the city looking for a karaoke bar. just a bar, that you could do karaoke in, thats all. not one you have to rent a room or buy some drinks, just a pub, a karaoke machine and a microphone. ben, kirsty and i went on the hunt and ben and i found...ok, well, we walked up a set of stairs and entered a small entryway. there were no signs, just many doors. one door said 'pull', so ben pulled and i peeked. there were faerielights, it was dark. a man answered the door.

me: hi...is this karaoke?
man: (makes a face that says well, technically there is karaoke here, but its not really karaoke, but..)
i save him
me: its not, is it
man: no, there is karaoke, but...there's a hostess inside
me: oooh, ok, i get it. thanks, see you later
ben: what?

so back to the exford hotel where extremely unfunny men were attempting stand up, until we decided it just wasnt possible to watch this anymore, and we left.

we found the ding dong lounge, but it was $8 to get in and the music was crap. so we found hungry jacks for aaron, found adrians car, and went home. again with the walking

on sunday, tom and i walked. and walked. and walked. we went to the art gallery where we let our backpacks soak up the artiness, and walked along the yarra to the centre for the moving image, after eating the most disgusting potato i've ever injested.

we were very tired after all that, so we trammed to the sky bus, skybussed to the airport, sat for an hour or so then flew home.

i took a few photos, you can see them all here: my flickr pics

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