Tuesday, April 11, 2006

phase one : semi complete

today sandi and i spent 6 hours cleaning my room. when i packed my things when i was moving out of matts house, i started off really well. i was packing things that i needed and that were similar all together, things i wanted to keep, but wouldnt be needing anytime soon together, that sort of thing. by the end of it, i was just throwing things in boxes, saying to myself, 'i'll sort this out when i move in'.

when i met tom back in september, i mentioned to him that my house was kinda messy because i'd just moved in and hadnt unpacked everything yet. he said he understood, but then he found out i moved in in june. its now april of the next year, and a lot of those things are still in the original boxes. some boxes have been rifled through to find various things, other various things have been thrown back in their place. all in all, on particular wall of my bedroom was a shambles. and it took 6 hours to clear it up.
i went from having around 7 full/semi-full boxes in one cupboard, to one container of books and three full boxes. my dressing table is clear of crap and my hoarding of leftover moisturiser has been ousted.

i feel cleansed.

imagine how i'll feel when i vaccuum???

so, during this time, i have managed to fill 2 boxes worth of ebayness. most auctions will start at 99cents. in fact, i think i can safely say all because i dont own anything all that significant. there are a lot of clothes, stacks of avon samples, and a few original me things like bags and soft toys. im also starting to get into collaging and have made something already that im quite proud of.

the last thing i need to do is wait intil me newly discovered rechargeable batteries charge themselves up, then get snap happy with that camera. monday will be photo day with tuesday looking quite likely as ebay day. grab yourself a bargain, people, you know you want it

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