Friday, March 03, 2006

the world belongs to those who can afford it

the world belongs to those who can afford it

eli has glue ear. it basically means his ears are blocked and the world sounds like its muffled through his hands or something. i may have posted about it before, i dunno, and to be honest, i cant be bothered checking.

he's been to an ear nose and throat specialist and they've said he needs tubes in his ears to drain the mucous and crap thats in his ears. this should be done before he starts school so as not to impede on his learning.

i called the womens and childrens hospital. their waiting list is 4-5 months for an appointment, and then after that, 8-10 months before his operation. flinders has a waiting list of 2 years.

parkwynd private hospital can do it pretty much straight away

for $800

personwhosnameimustnevermention: fuck it, i'll home school the litle shit with a megaphone

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