Monday, March 06, 2006

aaaand sophies on the bus

my birthday weekend was great, thanks for asking :) starting on thursday night, with a visit from sandi and shayla, a babysitting gig (my own kids, BUT IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY, DAMMIT!, and a visit from my mum and henk with chocolate mud cake.
i scored pretty well this year. side table, $20, heaps of sms's, brand new bath sheets (no more kids towels for me, nosirreebob), a hello kitty lolly pop, sparkly bangles, 'must love dogs' dvd, a travel guide for paris 'to help make up my mind', a flower, a plant in a lovely pot and a hand made card, necklace, incense holder, lip gloss, cute little trinket box, A PARTY BAG!, a sparkly ring, pretty scarf. yay!

on saturday, after helping tom move house, we went out to lunch at fasta pasta and it was yummy. i did plan on having some lemon gelati for dessert but after i saw the baileys and scorched almond icecream, it had made up my mind for me. just a little bit of advice here, its probably better to specify the price of the icecream you want, rather than just asking for it. i said 'a small bowl' and while the bowl itself was small, the icecream was two rather large mounds. yummy tho? why yes.

on saturday night, kirsty, sandi, tom and i went to the city to see fiona o'loughlin. can we all say funny? yes, yes i think we can. so very very VERY funny, i definately recommend seeing her, go do it, now.
after that we wandered on down to the garden of unearthly delights again where sandi was waved at by a boy on a rotating giraffe and we watched as people were strapped to some bars and wires and thrown off a very high platform. then we watched as it was done voluntarily without the strapping. scary. fun. enjoyable. yes.

by this time it was just after midnight and about time to head on down to crank! fun? again, i have to say yes. apart from the so very very sticky floor which impeded our dancing a little as when we moved our feet, our shoes stayed where they were, and the broken glass that kept embedding itself in our shoes and feet, it was great!
i got love cats played, which ruled, but unfortunately we had to leave before we heard any of our other requests. thanks for the good night, ian, and thanks for the hello in the email. way to make a girl feel all special and stuff :)

so my birthday was pretty excellent all round. x asked 'so mum, you're...28, right?' and i said that i was, but that i'd been telling the people at work that i was 22 when they asked

his smiley face, full of love, immediately turned deathly serious

'so you lied'

i then tried to explain how when you get older, you dont realy like telling people how old you are, so you sy something younger, but the people know you're not really telling the truth.

and with his face still serious 'so, you lied'


ok, so tom has moved house again but he's not really enjoying it. unfortunately, the places he's lived in are not what he's looking for. to quote his email today, 'people living TOGETHER and not besides each other...' his new place is full of people who come home and shut themselves in their rooms, only emerging to rid themselves of waste or fill themselves with food. he's looking for a place close to the city, between there and royal park. something around the $100 mark per week. somewhere where the people are sociable

if anyone has any names and numbers for tom to call that would be great. the only thing is, it will only be for a few months as he's going back to france in july.


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