Saturday, March 18, 2006

about 7 years ago, personwhosnameimustnevermention and i were driving back from melbourne and we stopped in at robe for tea. we decided on pizza, and pulled up infront of a pizza/fish and chips place, put in our orcer, and waited. you know, it took a hell of a long time to get that pizza, from memory, but i cant remember if the pizza was worth waiting for. what i can remember, is walking slowly out of the doors, brushing through the plastic curtainy things, and falling down.
pizza in one hand, other arm wrapped around my growing belly, protecting the child inside, i fell straight down onto my knees. both pizza and child were unharmed, thanks to me. my knees? really really sore.

had you asked me yesterday when the last time i had fallen over was, i would have told you that story. 'oh, about 7 years ago' i would have said.

ask me now, go on.....

last night! last night, kirsty, sandi, tom and i decided we'd go ice skating. sandi and i were by far the oldest ones there apart from the few parents who were pulling their little ones along. everyone else had a general age of 15, and werent they showing their 15 year oldness? the girls were tarted up, and the guys were sufficiently cunty. by the end of it, snadi couldnt hold back any more and yelled out 'fucker!' as a baseball capped boy swerved too close to us.

she and i were skating merrily along when she said to me 'look at us, we are SO skating' i agreed, and then was on the ice laughing my arse off. it wasnt as spectacular as toms stacks, but it still amused me greatly. i should say that a very nice almost-emo helped me up, which was lovely of her.

today, i get to vote. yay! so exciting. i guess i go for the lesser of all evils, i dunno. all i know is that if someone shoves a piece of paper in front of me, telling me to vote for their party, i will bite their heads off and shit them back into their neck holes.

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