Thursday, March 23, 2006

po ta to

is mashed potato a meal? i think it is. i like potatoes. i'll get them for lunch over most things when im out and need a meal.
i used to be quite...not bland, but i guess you could say boring when it came to potato toppings. butter, cheese, pineapple and corn. mmmMMMMM! the wonders of the white and yellow dinner.
now, ive become rather risque with my toppings. wanna know what i have now? i know you're dying to...tuna mornay. yep. so very tasty.

for a couple of weeks, murphys spuds at colonnades was my favourite place to get a potato. they had herbed butter, which i thought was a nice touch, and their tuna mornay was really tasty. not so any more. they've gone back to boring ordinary butter, and the tuna mornay should just be called 'mornay' as i dont think they put any tuna in it any more.
now i like ozbites at marion. they're good and the girl has marvellous patience when it comes to dealing with problem customers.

why am i talking about potatoes? well, personwhosnameimustnevermention was supposed to come over for tea tonight. actually, he was supposed to come over tuesday night but couldnt, so we made the plans for tonight.
i messaged him earlier today to see if he was still coming, and the reply?

'im at a funeral, by the way'

uhuh. he then turned his phone off apparently because while i was freaking out wondering which member of his family had died, he wouldnt answer. turns out it was a mates dad. he was only 55. he had a brain tumour. according to personwhosnameimustnevermention, ben (the mate) is doing ok, and is pretty much his usual joking self, which is good. i just hope he lets himself go for a little while so he can cry. he's a lovely boy.

still doesnt explain the potatoes? ok ok. so i was going to cook mustard crusted steaks which i cant find on the internet, but i did find a sauce called 'monkey gland' which sounds...interesting. they go really well with mashed potatoes and crunchy vegies, so that was what i was going to do, but then personwhosnameimustnevermention called and he was drowning his sorrows in the city and couldnt make it. so i freezed the meat, forgot about the vegies and made mashed potato. what an exciting story!

tomorrow morning im going to the doctor.

i dont really want to go into it right now, but i'll let you know how i go

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