Monday, March 20, 2006


the internet is exactly the same at 9:30am as it was when i left it at 3 am. disappointing.

ah yes, it seems im beginning another bout of unsleeping. and for a committed sleeper like myself, not sleeping is very annoying.

my weekend was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and experiences (check out how emo i just was! fuckin-a! i'll fit in with the cool kids no worries).

as i mentioned earlier, friday night was iceskating night and that was rad. saturday was voting day inwhich a liberal...spruker? one of the guys who shoves flyers in your face? managed to piss me of in about 2 seconds. i really despise these people waving their leaflets in front of me as i walk in. im annoyed enough as it is because voting is just so annoying. it doesnt really matter if you agree with who you vote for, its more about what they agree with and where their preferences are going, which sucks and is crapy. anyway, i digress.
we walked up to the school and two men approached me with flyers. im not sure who one of them was promotomg, as when i said no thankyou he backed down straight away with a smile and a nod. but the other guy? what a fucker. 'no thankyou' i say, and he practically puts them in toms hands.
'he's from france, he cant even vote today, dont give him anything' i say. and the fucker, he has a dumbass smirk on his ugly face and says 'better take one anyway, because guaranteed she'll walk in there and she wont know what to do and she'll be looking around....blah blah blah' im not sure what he said after that because i said 'guaranteed i wont be voting for (looking at his badge) liberal, what a surprise'


then we went to spotlight and i bought stuff to make cute magnets. cute! mine arent as good because the little gem things i had were smaller and a little bit...pearly? not as clear as i would have liked. i'd be interested to find some that were clearer.

then we watched wolf creek as tom has decided to hitch hike around the place for a month or so in a few weeks. you know, it actually wasnt as bad as everyone was making out. i mean, yeah, he was a bit of a nutter. and yeah, severing someones spinal cord, pretty mean and all that. but i dont really understand what was so overly bad about it. people walked out of this film. kirsty wont see it again. hmm, i dunno.

it didnt change his mind, by the way

saturday night, tom and i went into the city to see tripod. apart from a little disagreement, the night went well and tripod were hilariously amazing as always. also, i reccomend the chicken and sweet corn soup from the last vendor at hawkers corner.

sunday was a lazy day of bacon and eggs and john cusack. who could ask for more?

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