Tuesday, June 10, 2003

the toy fair was on over the weekend. we did pretty well. we would have done better had we not bought a whole lotta stuff, but i do now have a sylvanian families house AND a pony. matt got a yakface and a millenium falcon. he also got battle poncho luke and romba, so now he's only got to get lando general pilot and barada and he's finished the collection. of course he still has to get all the variations. like a tusken raider with hollow face tubes, or a turtle neck leia, or a big headed han. actually, he has most of those, they're just the only ones i can think of.
all in all we had a pretty good weekend. at first i was a bit uncomfortable being surrounded by so many toy geeks, but i soon felt at home. i didnt so much feel like one of the remote control car geeks that were near the kitchen. they even had coke bottle glasses and one was called ian.
oh, how i needed to have a few spare hundred dollars. there was one guy from brisbane who had almost all the strawberry shortcake dolls, with their pets and combs. there was a berry bake house in its box. there was a cookie jar that was $50, and is worth up to $750 US, and that was a couple of years ago. i did get a cute little handbag though, so that made me happy. and matt found a mooseal for me, yay

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