Wednesday, June 04, 2003

care factor = zero

my uncle is currently on life support in intensive care, in a coma because he drank himself into it. my nanna and poppa found him collapsed on the laundry floor on friday. he is such a selfish bastard. he's like, 52 or something, and living with his parents because he and his ex were fighting over every single thing in their divorce settlement. therefore, all his assets had been frozen. the three houses, the 2 cars, his superannuation, all of it. so he's living with his parents, drinking himself into oblivion. they were having to clean him up when he shits and pisses himself cos he's too drunk to get up and go to the toilet. he's a 52 year old man, and he's fucking huge, my poppa has just had chemo every day for the last 7 weeks, they cant be expected to do that stuff...they shouldnt have to.
i have no good memories of my uncle. he is a loud, selfish bastard. no one apart from my nanna and poppa, cares about the fact he's dying. his kids are carrying on as usual. my dad said that if he has to do a eulogy at the funeral he'll just say that he was a mongrel.

must feel nice to be loved like that. i guess that was part of the reason he was a drunk, although he's so self absorbed that he probably didnt even know everyone hated him.

so he'll probably die by the end of the week.

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