Thursday, June 19, 2003


well, my car is broken. fuel pump, apparently. it just keeps stopping. i tried to drive it to the mechanics and i had to start it again about 10 times to get it two houses up the street. f u c k e d. its getting fixed now, and hopefully it wont cost heaps because heaps of money is definatley what we dont have.
on other stupid and annoying news, my computer is acting like a spoiled brat. 'why should i work when you want me to?' it says, and i just stare at it in disbelief, knowing full well that i cant do anything about it..
so, anyone who'd like to donate money to the 'why the fuck should i have to put up with a dial up modem and 32MB RAM' fund, please go to paypal and enter my email address. i would be very appreciative and will send you a gift.
in other other news, hollys dad is a cunt
what gives people the right to think that they can fuck up peoples lives will nilly. or, actually, not willy nilly, more premeditated nastiness with no remorse. if life was like tv, everything would be over in an hour, and it'd be all solved. as sean and i were talking about

carly - detective goran would have had him by now
sean - lol
sean - yeah
carly - he rules
sean - and jerry orbach would've busted his ass too, just for good measure
sean - yes he does
carly - and then the blonde chick would have sent him away fro life
carly - and then he'd get ass raped by some big dude, and he'd make him his bitch
sean - yep
carly - that'd rock

unfortunatley, life is not like a law and order episode, as much as i'd like it to be. and not for the obvious vincent donofrio reason.

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