Wednesday, June 11, 2003

stupid americans

"When they come out with a set of dolls called "Midge and her live-in lover and their new baby and her toddler from a previous relationship," then people will have something to complain about. LOL Or how about "Lesbian Barbie and Midge and their male friend who contributed sperm to get Midge pregnant"? "

i had a single mother barbie. i made her myself. what happened was that barbie and ken had a child just out of highschool, which explained why barbies daughter didnt look that much younger than her. ken was 'supporting' barbie by occasionally giving her useless gifts for the little girl, like scuba gear and stuff like that. then barbie finds out that ken is sleeping with her best friend, also, strangely enough, called barbie. now, since barbie #1 and #2 are ingenious girls, they came up with an idea to get the most out of ken. they blackmailed him, cant remember how, got lots of gear from him and went on a holiday, leaving the daughter with him, take that ken! start learning how to be a responsible father figure. i also had a mexican looking barbie with a broken leg who was the maid.

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