Thursday, June 12, 2003

first of all, a little background. i like to collect....well, anything, as long as it's cute/pretty/80's, and i tend to lean towards strawberry shortcake and sylvanian families. sharyn, on the other hand, likes to collect the smurfs.
now, at the toyfair, sharyn found a mini figurine of strawberry shortcake for a dollar. this in itself is pretty fucking amazing since the going rate at the toyfair was at least 6 and i've seen them go for as much as 25US. if i had found a cool little smurf figure, i would have bought it and given it to her. did sharyn give me the strawberry shortcake? no, no she did not.

today, eli and i were driving down the road and i decided to pull into a new secondhand shop. its pretty crappy, i figured it would be, but i thought i may as well take a look. and what do you think i should find but 2 smurf videos.
am i going to give them to sharyn? no, no i am not. does that sound bitter, twisted, selfish and spiteful? yes, yes it does.

i am going to make copies for her though

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