Sunday, May 25, 2003

i was going to put a 'rate my blog' thing on like holly has....cos i copied her....but i clicked on the the template thing and there's nothing there...hmmm...maybe next time. or maybe tomorrow morning i can ask my lovely computer boy to give me a hand. *smiles and winks* you know who you are.


marc and lyndell broke up again. i reckon it might be for good this time. as far as i can see, it's because marc has been being a bit shitty and moody lately and taking it out on lyndell and she's tried to work things out with him but he doesnt want to. i dont know. lyndell's gonna call me tomorrow or the next day, i guess i'll find out more then.

on another note, words look really funny sometimes when you either press the space bar too soon or too late. like, i wrote 'copiedher' before and i thought that looked funny. but the one that still makes me laugh is when you forget to press the space bar typing 'pen is'.

yes, childish mind, but i'm happy with it.

it was eli's 2nd birthday and my cousin christopher's 11th birthday yesterday. it was aaron's 18th today, and in about 3 weeks it'll be xander's 4th and alisons 18th. all these people are growing up. it's weird. i saw a boy today that i babysat as a baby, and he's taller than me with this deep deep voice and funky clothes.
sharyn saw a guy that we used to hang out with years ago. years as in 10 or so. she said she didnt recognise him at frist until she remembered that other people grow up too, not just us, and that they're bound to look, older, fatter, thinner, balder, etc.

i dont like change

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