Sunday, May 18, 2003

i dont know whether to be proud or feel degraded.... On friday night, sharyn and i went out. yay. we had a nice time. we went into the city and did a bit of looking around in the shops. found lots of things we liked but were waaaaaay out of our price range. $279 for a pair of shoes? hello! we went to a noodle bar place for tea and had some yummy dinner. i had nasi goreng which was rice with chicken and prawns and vegetables in this yummy sauce thing, and sharyn had pud thai, i think, which was basically the same as mine except with pasta instead of rice. we had to complain about the drinks though cos sharyn got hers and it was like...clear, almost. which would have been ok if it had been lemonade but it was supposed to be coke. i think maybe they didnt put enough squirts of syrup in their soda stream.
then we walked down to hindley street and saw some bands at enigma. it was hummels last gig and it was really good. i've heard them before, and even seen them play live and i've never been that impressed with them. but they were really really good. i had a great time and i jumped around and sang and laughed at their stupid jokes. career girls played too and they were cool as well.

the only thing that wasnt cool...and this relates to the title of my entry today...we were watching career girls and the place wasnt full yet. there werent many people standing up watching the band and the people who were had made a kind of semi circle around the stage. sharyn and i were right on the end, about 2 or 3 people from the end, of the front row of the said semi circle. there was no one next to us on the other side. so going from the end of the line, 2 or 3 people, me, sharyn, whole room. ok, got it? so, where do you think you'd stand if you were walking past and decided to stop and watch the band? right next to sharyn? like, uncomfortably close? like, touching? like, your arm resting on her arm? no, id idnt think you would choose that, but my psycho did. we moved over and he moved over as well. we didnt think too much of it, it was just more annoying than anything. but then while we were watching hummel, we were standing around, with people all around us, dancing our little hearts out. and i understand that its hard not to bump into people when you're in close proximity and moving around. sometimes a hand may brush your back or shoulder, or bum even. and thats what happened to sharyn, and she didnt think anything of it. until the hand went between her bum cheeks and stayed there. and when she turns around, who do you think is the owner of the hand? yes, psycho boy. well, no, not boy. i'd say, 30 ish, balding fat guy drinking a VB and looking like a bad geek, not a cool geek. so sharyn moves his hand away and turns back around to watch the band and he does it again. she turns around and moves his hand away, 'do you mind!', she says. we dance some more and everythings ok for a while till he's at it again. when that happened, i asked the guy in front of sharyn if he would swap places with her and i told him why. he was cool with that, he was a nice young lad, very sweet of him. that was fine for a couple of songs until we got jostled around again and psycho ended up next to sharyn again. now, all of this time, we could have moved, but why should we? we were having a good time, we had a good spot, he was the one being horrid and rude, he should be the one to leave. and he should leave my sharyn alone! so he rubbed against her and i grabbed her and swapped places with her, so i was next to the psycho. and what do you think happens? HE MOVED AWAY! what? was my bum not good enough for him? did he only want to go after little sweet sharyn? was my bum not as nice for poking at? obviously not.....or, on the other hand i could just look really tough and all like, you dont wanna mess with me cos i'll fuck you up or something. that might be the reason.....

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