Saturday, May 17, 2003

does anyone else find this remotely disturbing?

tim won $2,500 yesterday. that in itself just isnt fair because he's always winning things. but that isntthe reason i find it disturbing, it's the way he won it. first of all, he didnt have to do anything for it, just be himself and go about his normal everyday business. then he heard something on the radio and called up and won. sound like any normal radio competition? i guess so. he had to listen out for clues and guess who the person they were talking about was. still sound normal? yeah, i guess so, unless the person they were talking about was him!
clues :
you work at number 50 in the city
you work for savings and loans
you own a property on kangaroo island
you were hanging out your washing on wednesday
you have one car

hello stalker freaks! i'm sorry, but i find that more than a little disturbing. sure, i'll take the money, but i dont want some SA-FM radio guy following me around, watching my every move.

you live near the beach
you have two noisy kids
you sit at the computer all day
you scan various things regularly

no thanks

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