Monday, May 19, 2003

I feel the need to comment

i read this....and i thought

'What I want to know is who in the FUCK green-lighted Jurrasic Park 4? '

  • i will never see this movie, i am yet to even say its name

'I mean, the first movie was mediocre. It's on the same level as Congo or Waterworld or Weekend at Bernies. It is, for all intents and purposes... Okay.'

  • here is where i have to say, weekend at bernies is ok? okay? its a pure 80's gem! those two guys who were always in movies together and i cant remember their names....andrew mcarthy and the other one, I LOVE THOSE GUYS!!!!

'This movie is right up there with... uh... Americas Funniest Home videos.'

  • i saw some of australias funniest home videos the other night and they had a video of a guy who proposed to his girlfriend. she was sitting in the loungeroom watching tv and he came and sat in front of her, took off his top and she freaked out. he turned around so his back was to the camera and he'd shaved 'will you marry me?' into his back hair.... yeah

  • check out my little dot things i'm doing, i am the html king!

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