Thursday, August 14, 2008

ticking things off

things i should be doing

1.anything other than what i am doing my house *mums gonna help me do that on saturday*
3.buying a mop *tick*
4.folding clothes
5.eating healthy *ate an actual dinner tonight - satay chicken and rice*
6.finishing my book *done*
7.paying more attention to things that matter, rather than focusing on things i cant do anything about
8.looking at different websites than the ones i do
9.wearing socks *wearing some right now*
10.brush my teeth *did so this morning, will do so again tonight. two ticks*
11.getting my mobile fixed
12.making new friends
13.attempting to catch up with old friends *hung out with sharyn on tuesday*

additions to list

14. finish new book
15. write more songs
16. do some sort of band practice
17. take band practice seriously
18. not too seriously, as per promise
19. drink more water
20. dont send email
21. make sure i clean the house on saturday
22. keep eating better
23. listen to my phone when it tells me 'go for a walk you fat lazy pig'
24. use mop
25. stop complaining
26. try and get along better with voldemort (this is a two way street. phone conversation tonight was a good start) (ie the fact that he actually called, and we had an actual conversation)


  1. Just wanted to pop over and say thank you for your comment on my Australian Idol blog. And then I found myself oddly compelled by your blog and it's intricacies. I think I shall subscribe (if'n you don't mind). Thanks again :-)

  2. my blog has compelling intricacies?? bizarre!

    but thanks :)